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Biblical Tours

Biblical Tours

Throughout the centuries different persuasions have been worshipping and paying homage to God, saints and prophets in such interesting ways and in various different places. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Turkey. There are churches, mosques, and synagogues right along side each other, for example and even a Christian church dating back to the 4th century.

St Paul has left a legacy of many churches and of course the famous footsteps of St. Paul, which you can re-trace. When you see Ephesus you must see the Blessed Virgin s House, which was visited by Pope John Paul II.

The ancient Mevlana philosophers motto Come, come whoever you are, come certainly shows the open hearted, open - armed approach which has been so much part and parcel of Turkey for centuries.

The following are the most popular Biblical tours operated with success in past years.

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"Did You Know"

Turkey gave the English language many words such as turquoise, parchment, yogurt, meander, angora..

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