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Coach Tours

TURKEY, a large country bridging two continents the land of contrasts and contradictions, a high plateau where many bright and various civilizations have blended from the four cardinal points.

Turkey is, first of all a tremendous variety of landscapes. The AegeanCoast line with its Grecian sky, theBlack Sea Coastland with its dense forests, the high arid Plateau of Anatolia, the TURKISH RIVIERA in the south with its beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by wooded mountains, the austere and wild mountains of the East and most of allCappadoce a unique moon like landscape, carved by erosion in the volcanic rock.

Turkey is also a rendezvous of many civilizations the remains of which abound all over the country the inhabitants of Çatalhöyük the Neolithic city recently unearthed the Hittites the Greeks the Romans the Byzantines and finally Selçuk Turks and the Ottomans all of them left their imprint on this land located at the cross road of EAST and WEST. It is also in Turkey that are supposed to be remains of the NOAHS ARC (Mount Ararat), that Saint Paul was born (in Tarsus), that Saint John and the Virgin Mary died, that the great councils of Nicea, Constantinople and Ephesus took place.

The tours on the following pages are specially designed to show your clients the essential natural and historical wonders of TURKEY and we are sure that your clients will never forget this land whose past is legendary and whose future is full of promises.

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"Did You Know"

Kasikci diamond one of the greatest piece of the world and is displayed in Topkapi Palace.

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